Monday, March 31, 2008

God never fails us!

Prayers have been answered!!!

It was a long drawn out morning with lots of crying and yelling.
I doubt anyone wants to read all the details of how I had to get ugly.
But if you do want more details you can keep reading.

I'm updating this as things happen.

The battle started a little after 9am.
I've talked rationally, I've cried, I've yelled. I have a headache now.

I've done all I can do and I've talked to everyone that I can, now it is up to each person that I have talked with to submit the right papers and forms with the correct wording explaining why Elijah needs this certain pump.

Elijah's case worker really hurt the case by calling the DME company and spouting off how Medicaid's not going to pay. Then I talked to her and she doesn't even have a contact number for Medicaid. No one from Medicaid told her that, she just wanted to spout off. I told her I want the name and number of the person who told her they wouldn't pay and she can't give me anyone. I called her supervisor about it too and told her to assign us a new case manager now because this one won't be coming back to my house. I'm not normally this ugly acting, but I need someone to help us not hurt us.

I know this will be a long drawn out process. Everything through medicaid is.

Anyway please pray we get this taken care of ASAP. One man told me today that it could take him 25 days to get an answer from medicaid.

I think if I could get the message of "we need a nurse until we get this pump" to the right person things could be sped up.

New update:

I talked with a man from the Zevex company and he said Medicaid pays for the Zevex Infinity pump everyday.

He gave me the name of some other DME companies that have this pump on the shelf and has gotten Medicaid to pay for them for patients.

So I called the office manager of the DME company we are trying to go through and told him we should probably go through a different company. Told him what I had learned. He said he was going to make some phone calls and call me back.

Now I don't know if the DME or Medicaid is the problem....probably both.

New update:

The Enteral department of the DME just told me they are going to over night a pump to our town tomorrow and someone will deliver it to us.

Thank you Jesus for knowing Elijah's needs and providing!!!

New update:

The DME office manager just called me back, LOL, he didn't know the Enteral department had already talked to me so he goes on telling me it looks like we'll have to keep the pump we have.
Medicaid's not going to approve it no matter what DME we go through.
I told him I've been told the new pump will be here tomorrow.
He said okay, he didn't know there was a change and we hung up.

He called me right back and said Medicaid isn't going to pay for the waist pack. I told him I believe medicaid would rather pay for a $100 waist pack then to pay for daily nursing care, but it's their choice which one they want to pay for. He said he'd see what he could do.

You know I'm just a home school mom, what do I know, but paying for the waist pack seems so much cheaper to me.

Then the nurse from Elijah's doctor's office called me back (I had left her a message this morning). I told her I think I have it settled now, but filled her in on everything that happened.
She said she'd write that script for nursing care if I need it to help speed things up.

I hope it is all taken care of now.

Please keep praying until we have the Infinity pump here at our home hooked up to Elijah feeding him formula. And a waist pack so he can hook up and be on the go!

OH and we haven't gotten that shipment of formula yet that we were to receive today.
It's coming UPS so there's no way of knowing when to expect it, but it is to come today.
Elijah is out of formula waiting on it to arrive.

Thank you for all the prayers over the pump problems.

Our God is a Mighty God and there is nothing he can't do.

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Esther said...

Oh man! The suspense of this is killing me! I hope you have received his neocate by now.