Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Update on Elijah - Day 34 of being sick

Elijah's doctor came around this morning and she is going to call his GI doctor in Ohio today.

She plans to set up an upper GI test for Elijah today, but wants to talk to his GI doctor first.

So we sit and he's not able to have any formula, rice or apple until he has the test done. It could be late evening before he has the test done. Read that as a LONG DAY with Elijah asking for something to eat.

If the test shows his reflux is out of control even with taking 30mg of Prevacid a day she wants to do the Nissan surgery. I don't feel the problem is his reflux and I'm not for the Nissan surgery.

If the test does not show anything she will send him to a Pulmonary doctor to see what he has to say.

Our biggest fear is that his eosinophilic disease is out of control and his esophagus is flamed or even invaded with eosinophils.

Elijah has been on antibiotics and steroids for a month now and they have not helped at all so we just don't know what is going on with him.

But no matter what happens his doctor wants us to head to Ohio to see Elijah's GI doctor.
We are not prepared to make a trip like that at this time.
Jody and I will have to talk about that tonight.

Please pray for us as we figure out what's going on with Elijah.

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Donna C said...

Praying, Kayla!

You guys have been through so much... and then to be asked to go to Ohio... and that's not a simple thing, esp. since those who suggest you do that aren't paying for the gas, the hotel, the food, etc. for such a trip.

{{hugs & prayers}}

In Him,
Donna C