Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lazy Days

I'm new to blogging and not sure how I'll like it or how much I'll keep up with it, but I'm going to give it a try.

I'll introduce my family. I'm Kayla, the wife of Jody and the mother of Dakota 14 and Elijah 6.

I was so ready for a Saturday and wanted to sleep late. My eyes popped open at 7:30. I was so mad and tried my best to go back to sleep. I laid there until Elijah woke up. He came in and asked was it the day he was getting a model airplane. We had told him when Daddy was off on Saturday they could go to Hobby Lobby.
Jody got on up and cooked breakfast. I called my brother who lives next door and told him breakfast was ready. We ate, cleaned up, got dressed and went to Hobby Lobby.

We each had a 40 % off coupon. Jody and Elijah got model airplanes and Dakota and I got art stuff. We headed back home. Jody and Elijah got busy working on models, Dakota got on the computer and I went and laid down for a nap. It was so nice.

Cody and Amber came over. We ordered pizzas and played mexican train and DVD family fued. Then we loaded up in the van and went down to the drag races and watched for just a little while. It was a good Saturday. Now I've got to get in the bed so I can get up for church in the morning.


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