Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Family

My wonderful husband, who takes such good care of me, is Jody. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I think he deserves a better wife.

Jody enjoys working weekends at a drug rehab center. We are very fortunate to have Jody home with us during the week.

We have two awesome sons. Dakota is 16. he is into computers and stuff I don't understand.

He has his drivers permit and will be getting his licenses soon. You can take that as your warning to stay off I-20.

Elijah is 8 and he just loves to have fun. Legos and Bionicles make life grand.

We are members of New Light Baptist Church. I grew up Assembly of God and Jody grew up Pentecost. Some how we ended up at a New Light when Dakota was 2 and we became Baptist.

We began homeschooling in 1996 and joined our local home school group in 1997 and have been members since. We enjoy homeschooling and can't imagine life any other way. We have a great homeschool group and a lot of homeschool families.

In 2006 our homeschool group started a co-op, we did not join at that time, but did in 2007.

We love co-op. We attend a Monday co-op and a Thursday co-op.

Jody is able to attend the Thursday co-op with us.
We do just about everything together as a family.

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