Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Elijah is still sick.

My poor baby has been sick for 41 days now. He is so tired of being sick.

Dr. McCormick wanted him to see a pediatric pulmonologist. The closest we have is Shreveport. I told her we would go to the moon at this point, but he can't get in for at least 6 weeks. He can not wait that long. So Pam (Dr. M's nurse) made Elijah an appointment with Dr. Zambie here in town for Friday morning. I'm looking forward to the appointment.

Elijah has saw Dr. Zambi a few times before. I remember him being a listening doctor and he does have some knowledge of EOS disease. It will be nice to have some fresh eyes take a look at Elijah.

Thanks for your prayers. We are so ready for Elijah to be well again.

He has had to miss co-op and his college class since the first of Feb.
I can't help but wonder what would happen to a child in public school if they missed this much school. Most moms work now days so what would other moms do if their child was this sick for so long and they had to go to work. I obviously don't work so this isn't really a concern, but we have had to put our lives on hold and things are really out of whack. I did make a commitment to teach co-op classes, I know everyone understands, but I still hate to miss and not be there for my commitment.

I'd appreciate some prayer also, this really gets to me at times when he is so sick and I can't do anything for him. I end up crying half the night because my heart hurts so bad.
Thanks for your prayers.

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