Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lapbooking VS Notebooking

Earlier this week Elijah and I started working on a St. Patrick's Day lapbook. As we got into making things for the lapbook he asked if we could make notebook pages instead. This lead us to discussing lapbooks vs notebooking. Hands down he prefers notebooking. I secretly do too, but I've never said that out loud.

Dakota and I made tons of lapbooks back in the day and Elijah and I have made a load of em too.
We also have a collections of notebooks that we add to as we study something.

I really like notebooking. I felt I like the notebooking so much better because I was burned out on making lapbooks, but I still tried to give Elijah the experience. Now that he has admitted that he likes notebooking better I can drop the guilt and enjoy notebooking.

The past few days we enjoyed learning about Ireland and Saint Patrick. Here is a sample of the pages Elijah made for his notebook. We decided to put these pages in his Geography notebook under the Europe section.

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