Friday, March 14, 2008

Praise God!

Wouldn't you know, you wait for an appointment, get the appointment and wait for the appointment day and the day of the appointment the child wakes up fine!

I'm so glad he is feeling better. He feels better and he has hardly coughed today. Praise God he feels better today. He did have a day like this last week and then turned back around the next day, but I pray this is the end of long days of being sick.

So we go to the appointment and I'm telling the doctor about Elijah's cough, how bad it is and how bad he feels and he's looking at Elijah sitting there not coughing and looking great and probably wondering what's wrong with me. Oh well, at least Elijah's feeling better.

He did send him for a cat scan and put him on Allegra. I called our regular doctor and asked her about the Allegra because Elijah just doesn't do well with meds and we decided to go ahead and try him on it. She said she thought about putting Elijah on it when she put Dakota on it 2 weeks ago, but decided to see if anything else helped first.

It's been great having my little boy back today that feels like playing and he's not coughing every breath so he can talk. He talks a lot, but I know I'd rather listen to him talk than to that horrible cough. When we got home from the doctor I let him take just a few minutes to collect some rolly pollies from outside and he has them in the playroom building houses for them with his Legos.

Thank you all so much for your prayers!!!

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