Monday, May 4, 2009

Our School Room

Almost done! We have been working on cleaning out our school room for the last week. This was a huge job and it's really hard to work at home if your not at home.

We will be changing the theme to space soon. We bought space material for curtains and also we want to make a skirt for the school table. Elijah can't wait to hang up the glow in the dark planets too.

Here is a little tour of our school room.
This is the front door to our house so the school room is the first room you walk into at our house.
We will be moving around the room to the right until we get back to the front door.

The little black box with the drawers is our charging station. All our phone chargers, DS charger and camera, ipod and battery chargers are kept here

This is the school table that I like to keep cleaned off, but a stack of books usually appears on this table then that stack grows and more books keep coming.

Under the table we have boxes labeled math, science, art and such for hands on stuff.
The drawers on the end of the table have paper, white paper, colored paper, card stock, designed paper, card making supplies and construction paper.
This old entertainment center holds Elijah's notebooks, over sized books, art/craft books and how to books. You can see Elijah's workboxes, but I don't think I have mentioned that I got a set of drawers for Dakota. He kind of lost his space where he used to keep his books and needed some thing. This will also help me see what he's done.

We used to have a timeline on this door, but now Elijah has a timeline notebook so I decided to hang pocket charts.

My desk.

Elijah's desk.

Dakota's desk.

The shelves above my desk.

Shelves along the wall above the boys desk. Last week we went and bought a ton of boxes, came home and sorted through everything we had on the shelves and boxed it up. I'm so tired of everything being dusty. It will be much easier to dust these boxes rather than all that small stuff.

We have some boxes that are still empty.

Here we have a Bible shelf, a logic shelf, and history shelves.

This is the big cabinet!
Here is the big cabinet opened. The boxes are two deep on the shelves. We have stuff sorted into boxes such as space, human body, presidents, Egypt and so on.
There is also a language arts shelf and a math shelf in there.

Next is the Five In A Row shelf and our science shelves.
We have went all around the room and now back at the front door.
This is a close up of the FIAR shelf. After all these years of using FIAR I finally organized my books and added stickers to color code by volume.

Did you see any empty space? It still looks like a FULL school room to me, but some how, some where all this came out of that room. We now need to go through all this and get it ready for our homeschool group used book sale next week.


Mama Teaching 2 said...

You are so good at using the space you have! Wow! Please tell me I didn't miss the used book sale! I will cry!

Dot said...

I am so impressed!