Monday, March 30, 2009

FIAR Notebook

This is Elijah's Five In A Row Notebook.

I used FIAR with Dakota when he was little and we loved it. Elijah and I are enjoying it also.
It is such a fun curriculum.

We have made many many lapbooks based on FIAR books. Elijah decided he wanted to make a FAIR notebook so we started working on it this year.
I'm posting some samples of pages we made for a few books. This 3 inch binder is full so there is no way I could post pictures of all the pages.

I let Elijah make a title page for the book we are reading. He can make it anyway he likes.



I may add another post for the FIAR notebook. This book is full and I can't post all the pages, but there are some good pages in there.

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puredisco76 said...

Newbie Q: Lapbooking is all the stuff on a folder? Notebooking is putting it on a paper within a binder? Do I have that correct? Looks like they both feature info and such about whatever you are studying. Maybe the Notebooking is just less bulky? Thanks for your time to clarify.