Sunday, March 2, 2008

More lazy days

I'm setting a trend here.

Sunday after morning church we came home to a day of laying around watching movies and putting model airplanes together. Then jumped up and got ready for the evening service and took off. When we got back home we did get all our chores done before getting ready for bed.

Today my brother, Cody and his girlfriend, Amber came over and got the kids to take them swimming at Amber's house. I took a long nap. Jody came home from work and we had a nice dinner. It's now dark and the kids are not back yet.

I've had a lot of time to think today and I spent some time just praising God for providing for my kids when I least expect it.

Okay tomorrow we need to get some school things done that we have been putting off.


Dakota said...

"He has his drivers permit and will be getting his licenses soon. You can take that as your warning to stay off I-20."

You're such a nice mother...
lol ;)

Sugga Mama said...

I was being nice about it!
I could have said more.....