Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Cycles


Remember the Learning Center I made for Elijah a while back? I decided to keep that one as our morning center so I made a new one that I change out for different units.

On this day the Learning Center was Life Cycles.

 DSCF7039 DSCF7040 DSCF7041DSCF7042  DSCF7043










Items are either velcroed on or in pocket charts. It’s very interactive. Elijah can move things around as he is learning.


Above Elijah labeled the stages of a butterfly and below he is labeling the stages of a frog.

DSCF7064 DSCF7065

Elijah likes the interactive board and I have many many units planned to use with the board with so check back to see what we use it for next.

We also made a Life Cycle lapbook.

 DSCF7044 DSCF7046DSCF7047

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Who says school work has to be boring? Elijah and I just finished up a fun lapbook based on the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.


I printed out the lapbook components from Homeschool Share. This is a simple lapbook, but it was fun and silly…. just what we needed.


Here Elijah is reading back over the book and adding answers to the booklets in his lapbook.



We decorated the outside of the lapbook. Does it look like spaghetti and meatballs?

DSCF7056 DSCF7057

I pulled out our weather board for Elijah to play meteorologist.

DSCF7058 DSCF7059 DSCF7060

Elijah gave us a silly weather report. It’s raining pigs in Texas!


To finish up the unit we watched Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs on Netflix.



You can find this unit and a lot more at Homeschool Share .

Redneck Christmas Parade

Saturday morning the kids and I went to the Redneck Christmas Parade in Bawcomville. You might remember the video I posted a week or so ago.


Dakota took a ton of pictures and I tried to go through and pick a few, but that few turned into way too many. You can click on the full album and see the ones I picked. There was way more photos, but I didn’t figure you all would want to see every four wheeler or lawnmower that went by.

Most floats threw candy, some threw stuffed animals or beads, one float threw rocks.  I loved it!



Here are a few pictures.

This one had a sign that read: Bawcomville Yacht Club


Some used the excuse of the parade to let their freak flag fly.


I liked this float, well it was a wrecker truck with this car on the bed of the truck. Reminds me of an old Christmas movie where the family goes out and cuts down a tree and bringing it home to decorate.

Copy (2) of DSC00305

Don’t be fooled to think these guys just did this for the parade. This is the norm in Bawcomville!

Copy (2) of DSC00407

Yes, there was a power wheel vehicle in the parade. I wonder if she made the whole block before the battery ran down?

Copy (2) of DSC00624 Copy of DSC00102

This float had a big sign that read “Santa’s dropping a load” Then on the back was Santa peaking out of the outhouse. He has toilet paper in his hand.

Copy of DSC00118

What a fun morning!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Veteran’s Day: A Patriotic Look

Elijah loves learning about wars, what airplanes were flew and what weapons they used. This year for Veteran’s Day I wanted him to really understand that many men and women have lost their lives fighting for our country.

To begin our Veteran’s Day study we visited the traveling memorial wall. WOW, just that little piece of traveling wall is powerful, I bet it is awesome to visit the real thing.




That week we read some books about Veteran’s Day and made a lapbook. It was a simple lapbook, but one of the most important lapbooks I think we have ever made.



In the picture below you can see we did a sample rubbing of the wall for Elijah’s lapbook.



We finished up our unit with a trip to the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum.


The museum has a lot of weapons, uniforms and pictures displayed.


Elijah liked this case that had a ton of arm vehicle models.

DSCF6998  DSCF6994

DSCF7001 DSCF7003 DSCF7008 The museum had been remodeled since our last visit and it really looked nice. There is so much to see. I think I was on information overload.

DSCF7010 DSCF7011 The next two pictures are maps showing where people live who have visited our museum. That alone was amazing to look at.

DSCF7012 DSCF7014  DSCF7017


I’m so glad we took the time to study about Veteran’s Day. I’m not sure we (we; not just our family, but also our nation) appreciate our military men and women enough. Thank you to all our branches; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.