Monday, March 3, 2008


I'll admit there hasn't been much schooling going on at Bristle Ridge this semester. I was sick in November so we went a head and took off for Thanksgiving and Christmas. When January rolled around I was busy getting lessons together for my co-op classes. Then by the time co-op got started good sickness came.

It's okay, we do school during the summer when it's too hot to do anything else and besides both my kids are smarter than me anyway.

My kids have gotten a lot of classes at co-op this year.Dakota has gotten US Gov, Biology, Financial Peace, Act Prep, Photography, Dynamic Memory, Algebra I, Physical Science experiments and You Decide (a court case class).

Elijah has gotten All About Ponds, Famous Friends - Inventors, Science Centers, Math, 50 States, Geography, Engineers, Making Books, Water color painting, History, Creation and Sight words.

All that counts for a lot of schooling this year.

The boys really enjoy co-op and Jody and I enjoy teaching classes at co-op. Co-op will be over April 21.

I do have a lot of fun school plans floating around in my head for when we do start back with school.
We'll probably do a few weeks of school then take off for the spring and start back up in the heat of the summer.

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