Monday, December 8, 2008

Pet Snake

Elijah begs for a pet snake. We have not had luck with pet snakes in the past. We can't keep em alive.
One day our outside dog was barking like crazy at this snake so Elijah grabbed him up and claimed him as a pet. He had to come inside to get dressed for town and the snake got away.
Elijah was so sad, but he was a very happy owner of a snake for a short while.

Deadbeat Blogger!

I've been called a deadbeat blogger a few times now, so I'm really going to try to do better.
I was on a roll but then co-op started and our life got so busy. We were only home one day a week most weeks and we tried to fit some school in if we were not too worn out. The co-op semester ended in November and we have been taking turns being sick and then all decided to be sick at the same time. We are finally better and I'm ready to blog. I do want to go back and finish the post on Elijah's disease so I will catch up with that. I have a lot of other catch up post coming also.