Monday, March 17, 2008

Elijah and his turtle named Rocky.

Elijah got his little turtle last year on August 1st and he has been a great little pet.

Rocky lives on a short filing cabinet in our kitchen in a round lagoon. When we walk in the kitchen Rocky comes to the edge of his home and walks around the edge of the lagoon following me wanting food. He thinks he is supposed to eat every time we walk in there.
He is very friendly and not shy at all. I think he likes to be held and have his little head rubbed.

Rocky is easy to tend to, throw him some food every time you walk in the kitchen and wash his lagoon out about once a month.

He eats ReptoMin, which is little food sticks and he LOVES sun dried baby shrimp. I can actually hold a little shrimp down to him and he will come take it from me.

Elijah takes Rocky outside for a little sun and exercise when the weather is nice.
Can you see Rocky on the ground in front of Elijah? He's so tiny I can't see him in this picture, but he's there.

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