Monday, July 26, 2010

Planning for the new school year!

I've spent days and days planning out our school year and now I'm exhausted.
Elijah will be in the 4th grade this year. I guess I should step it up and make some real homeschool plans.

I bought a brand new teacher lesson planning book. Gathered my materials and sat down pouring over everything. Planning is hard work, but very rewarding.

After days of fretting over everything this is what I've came up with:

Elijah will be using Facebook for spelling and writing.
Watch all 6 Star Wars movies for science and watch Mythbusters.
The Abeka demo CD for tracing circles to make art.
Cleaning house for home EC.
Watch Night of The Museum I and II for history.
Staying up all night Thanksgiving night, standing in lines to shop on Black Friday for survival skills.
Play video games for hand eye coordination.
Shop at Wal-Mart in the middle of the night for math.
Watch Anthony Bourdain for health and geography.
Play Wii for PE.
We will also be going to co-op once a week so we can cover that pesky thing called socialization.

Looking forward to a GREAT school year!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots happening, just haven't blogged

We really do have a lot of stuff going on in our lives. I sometimes feel so down I feel like I don't have anything to blog about, but I know that's not true, there is always something going on here.

I've had a few bad days in a row and it has been a struggle to do things that I needed to get done. I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for Dakota. He is such a big help to me. He has always been like that. Lately though Elijah has stepped up and even ask "is there anything you need me to do?" Dakota is a great example to Elijah.
I'm so blessed!

Tomorrow we will be going to Jackson MS to pick up a homeschool friend from California. KK (her name is Kayla too) is going to be spending 11 days with us. Her mom, Tina, and I have been friends on the internet for 12 years, but we've never met. We are excited to have KK come visit us. I hope she can put up with us for 11 days!

The blog challenge... I don't think Elijah has blogged any this month. Dakota has some, but I'm not sure how much, but I WILL win, even if I have to put up 20 post on the 30th! LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010

Toy Story 3

Today we went to the mall and saw Toy Story 3. It was a really good movie. I could have cried at the end if I hadn't been so hot and ready to get out of that theater.

As I watched the movie I thought about Dakota. He was just a little guy when the first Toy Story came out. He had to have a Woody, Buzz and a Bullseye. He loved those toys and played with them all the time. Of course he outgrew them, but watching the movie I realized he has outgrown all his toys, even Legos. Then I realized Elijah is 10 and before I know it he will have outgrown his toys. He already thinks he is too old for most things I think he should like.

Dakota grew up way too fast and I'm not ready for Elijah to grow up. I want to capture and enjoy every minute and not miss anything.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogging Challenge

My guys, Dakota and Elijah, and myself have a blogging challenge going on for the month of July. We are going to try to blog every day. We can blog more than once a day if we want to. At the end of the month we will see who has blogged the most and that person will win $1 for every blog post they made. I have made it very clear that it has to be some typing and not just posting a picture.
My sneaky way of getting Elijah to write and making sure Dakota does continue to write. I want to blog, but other things just get in the way. We'll see how I do this month.

Hey look I'm two post up on em already! HAHA

I want off this roller coaster!

An update on my health.

On my bad days I can hardly get out of bed. I hurt so bad. I know my kids get tired of seeing me crying all the time.

This week I upped my Prednisone and I'm seeing some improvement. At least I'm getting around.
I hate being on Prednisone, but I just can't live without it.
I hate the way it makes me hungry all the time too.
I'm also taking Vistaril like candy and that keeps me groggy. Savella is helping just enough to take the edge off.

The heat is a big killer for me too. Any heat makes me feel worse and if I sweat I pay the price later.

Please keep praying for a healing.