Monday, March 3, 2008

Back To School!

Back to school for Bristle Ridge Academy today! Last week we had a nice time off with Dad. He headed back to work this morning so we got busy with school.

I took some pictures throughout the day. The pictures did not post in the order they were taken. I haven't figured all that out just yet. I'm still new at this.

Dakota at his desk in the school room getting started for the day. Doesn't he look excited!

Video time! This was actually taken in the afternoon. The guys are watching a video from the library on Leonardo daVinci. Elijah looks excited because he probably isn't paying attention. Pedro looks like he's ready for a nap and Dakota is probably asleep with his eyes open.

Elijah is very good at math. It amazes me at the problems he can figure out when I have not even went over the lesson with him. If you look around on his desk you can see pictures of his 2 girls!
Dakota now at the dinning table reading science.
Elijah in the playroom working in a little phonics workbook. The bags in the desk are pillowcases with snakes in them. He has venomous in one bag and nonvenomous in another bag. It cracked me up when he showed that.
Elijah caught a fish!
Elijah is sight word fishing. He loves playing this. When he catches a fish he has to read the word.

For science we have been making a creation book. Elijah is collecting soil that God made to go in his book.
I lost Dakota, but found him in his room reading. This kid loves to read!

Elijah is doing leaf rubbings for his creation book.

Dakota is on the laptop doing French. We were offered Rosetta Stone French I & II at an unbelievable price. This may be his favorite part of school.

I'd say we had a pretty good day of school! I hope the rest of the week goes this well.

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