Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No pump yet....

The formula did arrive this morning.
7 cases of the powder Neocate One + and 4 flats of EO28 Splash.
Elijah was so happy to see the EO28. He's been completely out of that formula for several weeks.
He grabbed one and drank it down right away.

The Neocate One + and EO28 is the nastiest tasting and smelling stuff you can imagine.
SHHHH don't tell Elijah the EO28 is nasty and stinks.

The pump did not come. The man from the DME called me a little after 3 PM to say it didn't come, but he expects it tomorrow.

I'm praying the pump does come tomorrow so Elijah will be able to attend co-op on Thursday.
He'll need to be hooked up to a pump getting formula to be able to go to co-op. He can't go that long without formula, his blood sugar would drop and he would get very sick.
The kicker is I teach way too many classes at co-op to just keep missing. Jody also teaches 2 classes at co-op. So we need Elijah to be able to go with us.

Thank you so much for the prayers!

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