Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've mentioned notebooking a few times and recently admitted I like notebooking more than lapbooking and Elijah does too. I've had some questions about how we notebook.

Here are Elijah's notebooks. His Timeline notebook is missing, I loaned it out to someone to look over.

Five In A Row, Bible, Language Arts, American History, Nature Journal, Geography, Creation, Math

Animals, World History, Science, Earth and Space, 50 States, Feathers, Art, Presidents, Doodles, Timeline

Elijah and I made these notebooks up this past summer. When he reads and learns about something, he makes a page on it and puts it in one of his notebooks. I was thinking these notebooks would last him several years, but some are getting full.

Over the next few weeks I plan to showcase the notebooks separately and show examples of pages in each notebook. If you have any questions about any of the notebooks, please ask.

I provide Elijah with tons of supplies he can use for notebooking. Supplies Elijah might use:
* Colored pencils, markers, crayons
* Glue sticks
* Scissors and shape scissors
* Tape
* Stickers
* Rubber stamps
* Paints
* Glitter
* Pictures
* Magazines
* Lined paper, copy paper and card stock
* Scrapbook sheets
* Stencils
* Zip lock bags to hold things
* I created some sheets with various size squares for drawing and writing. I'll make sure he has a lot of copies of these sheets.
* I have also bought several sets of notebooking pages from the internet.

Things Elijah might include in his notebooks:
* Writing - copy work, narrations and dictations
* Pictures - drawings, sketches, photos, coloring pages and clip art
* Bible verses
* Paper projects - booklets, folds
* Maps
* Diagrams and graphs
* Pressed flowers, leaves
* Worksheets
* Pages printed from the internet
* Scrapbook pages
* Lab reports
* Outlines
* Poems
* Newspaper or magazine articles

I like to use page protectors in the notebooks, but in some notebooks Elijah just 3 hole punched pages and put them in.

I would also love to see notebooks by other homeschooled children so please leave me a link.

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