Friday, June 19, 2009

Science Fun

It is so HOT, we are miserable. You may remember last year we did a little experiment to see if it was hot enough to fry an egg. This summer Elijah and I are reading Exploring Creation with Astronomy and about to start chapter two on the sun so I came up with a little project to kick off the sun chapter.

We decided to melt crayons. We wanted to find out the hottest spot outside.
First we had to peel crayons, that's harder than it sounds. We sprayed our muffin tins with cooking spray and filled them up with crayon pieces.

We placed one pan on top of our dirty van.

One pan went inside the dirty van.

One pan went on the swing set.

The last pan was placed on the hot black trampoline.

Which would you think would melt first? I figured the inside the van, Elijah thought on the trampoline and Dakota said on top of the van.

The kids went and checked on the crayons every 10 minutes to see which pan started melting first. The pan inside the van on the dashboard was the first to even start melting.

The other pans were slow to melt or didn't melt all the way. The next day we put all the pans in the van so they would all melt.

Now we have crayon patties. These will be good for doing crayon rubbings and other art projects.

This was a fun little experiment. It was a good example of why you don't leave kids or pets in the car.

Do you have any sun experiments to share with us?

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

It is HOT in the car when you get in! Loved the experiment.