Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot enough to fry an egg?

We started out wondering if it was hot enough to fry an egg and we all agreed it was.

I would like to crack an egg on a back top road to see if it fries, but we live on a dirt road so we needed to find a way to attempt to fry an egg. After some googling we decided to make a solar oven out of pizza boxes.

The first step had to be order pizza!

Today we gathered up something to cook in our solar ovens. S'mores and peperoni pizza crackers. We had to come up with something Elijah could eat. Who knew S'mores for him would be so expensive. Rice crackers, organic dairy free chocolate and vegan marshmallows are $$$.

As soon as we got home we started making the solar ovens. Here is Dakota putting tin foil in one of the pizza boxes.

This is our attempt to fry an egg. I had to keep Elijah completely away from the egg since he is allergic.

S'mores! The three on the left are Elijah's treats.

Dakota made peperoni and cheese crackers. Of course Elijah could not have these.

We covered the boxes with Saran wrap and took them outside to sit in the sun. I thought the hot black trampoline would be a good place to put them.

When we put them out it was 93 degrees. Thirty minutes later we checked the thermometers and it was 115 degrees in the S'more box.

Chocolate and cheese were melted so we declared them done!

The s'mores were yummy, but the peperoni crackers were not so good.

We left the egg out a little longer until it reached 120 degrees. It cooked alright.

When I took this picture Dakota was holding the box down sideways, the egg was not runny at all. So we learned it is hot enough to cook an egg, but we wouldn't want to eat it!

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