Saturday, June 20, 2009

Watch out world, Elijah's blogging!

Elijah wants a facebook REAL bad. I said no because the rules say you have to be 13. Am I correct on that? I've never went and read for that info, but I think I heard someone say that one time. I know there are many kids from our homeschool group that have a facebook and they are not 13, but I believe that is the rule. Every time Elijah notices one of these kids make comments on mine or Dakota's facebook he says "What? J is not 13!" LOL

So after learning he is not getting a facebook for another 3 1/2 years he asked if he could have a blog. Hmmmm he would have to think, write and type and spell Hmmmmm I think this is a good idea. I'm not using it as school, but it sure is good practice. But I did make sure he understood this is HIS thing, not something else for me to do. For him to have a blog he has to know how to do everything himself.

So he and Dakota got to work setting up Elijah a blog. Dakota taught him how to make new post, upload pictures and publish, edit and all that he needed to know to work his blog. Even how to add pets. He learned quickly and is now uploading pictures and making post all on his own.

When I woke up this morning Elijah was waiting to go outside with his camera. He'll be snapping pictures of everything and blogging about it. I expect there will be lots of pictures of our pets and his Lego creations.

He is anciently waiting on some comments and watching his counter go up. If you have time stop by and give him a shout out.

Jedi Boy

If your kids have a blog, leave him the link so he can visit them.

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

Elijah has begged for a blog...I will give in soon enough. I also don't want it to involve me. HEE hee...