Monday, June 15, 2009

Elijah's Candy Shop and More

Elijah's candy store opened today so I'm eating candy for the sake of math.

I don't know why some of my pictures I take in the dinning room turn out so yellow, not all do.

When I told Elijah about the idea of him opening a candy store in our dinning room he got so excited and was ready to work on it right away. He really ran with the idea and didn't need much help at all. He knows he has full access to all my scrapbooking stuff so he ran got the stencils and got busy.

Here's Elijah using the stencils to write the name of his store.

Then he used markers to color in the letters.

Next he drew some candy packs and we printed some candy pictures from the internet.

He cut out the candy packs he drew and colored.

Glued his pictures on his board.

Today Dakota and I went to Dollar Tree and bought some candy for us to buy from Elijah's store.
And some safe candy for Elijah.
I priced the candy because I wanted the prices to be amounts that would give Elijah good practice with making change.

After I priced all the candy, I went off to talk to Jody and Dakota while Elijah set up his store.
I told Jody and Dakota when they buy candy to pay with money to where Elijah will have to give change back.

Here's Elijah so proud of his candy shop store.

The paper squares are pretend items for sale and the price is printed on the square. I printed these from homeschool launch.

Here's another yellow picture! Those big candy bars are $8.35!
The Cow Tails are my favorite and they are .70 cents. I marked the candy any where from .02 cents to $8.35.

I gave Elijah real change and some paper bills that I bought at Dollar Tree.

The first customer of the day!

This is the box of money me, Jody and Dakota use to buy with from Elijah's store.

Here's Mr. Shop Keepers money.

We have all taken turns buying from Elijah and working with him on making change. After the three of us had a go with him, I asked him if being a shop keeper was hard work. He said "It's a lot of math!" LOL


Dakota said...

How many times must I teach you how to use photoshop?

Seriously, one click and it'd be normal.

mydogsrule said...

Hey, I love candy! Maybe I'll drive to Louisiana tomorrow after lunch and buy some from Elijah. :)

Sugga Mama said...

HAHA you drive on down, we'll have a grand ole time!

Mama Teaching 2 said... is alot of math! Hee hee!