Friday, June 19, 2009

Name this picture!

Do you want to win a copy of The Relaxed Home School by Mary Hood?

I've never done a give a way on my blog before, but I thought this would be fun.

Name this picture. Come up with a catchy caption for this photo and leave me a comment.

On Monday we will put all the names from the comments in a drawing and see who wins. I will then post the winner and ask them to email me their mailing address so I can send their book to them.

About the picture: Our homeschool group uses a church for co-op and this is in one of the rooms. We got the biggest kick out of this and had fun making jokes about it.

So come on and leave me a comment, you may win!


mydogsrule said...

Oh man! That makes me sick just thinking about it!

On that note, how about simply "Recycling"?

"The Kitchen of the Severely Allergic"

"The Frugal Cook's Kitchen"

"The Secret to Reusing Corn"

"The Multi-tasker's bathroom"

"These are the kind of walls you can expect from the lowest bidder."

Anonymous said...

My husband walked into the room to see what I was laughing at and was completely shocked. His suggestion:
"Eat Sh@&!" :)

IF I happen to win then I will fess up who I am!

Melissa said...

How about "Our special today is the poo poo platter!"