Monday, June 22, 2009

Who's Ya Daddy!

Since Jody works on the weekends we celebrated Father's day today. We got him 4 movies and a clock with blue numbers. Yes, he had a clock that worked just fine, but it had red numbers and I remembered a while back he mentioned he wanted a clock with blue numbers. So he now has blue numbers.

We planned to take Jody out to eat anywhere he wanted to go and spend the evening geocaching.

Our first stop was a familiar place for us.

The boys found the cache. Elijah took a screwdriver and left a pez dispenser.

Then we headed off to eat. Jody chose Lone Star. Not my favorite, but it wasn't my day. It was good today though.
Then we headed off to find another cache. The boys found this one, but we couldn't get it open.
Jody decided we would go buy a hammer to help get this top off, but the store we went to only had screw drivers.

Jody's enjoying playing with his GPS.

Elijah got the cache box for us and brought it to the van.

Jody was able to use the screw drivers and get the top off.

There were several goodies in the bag.
Elijah chose a medal and left a pez dispenser.

Jody signed the book.

Then we rode over to the river to look around. The water is so high and most definitely out of it's bank.

Our next cache said it was at the intersection of eleven magnolia and eight oak. This has to be trees.

We found 8 oak trees.....

and 11 magnolia trees that would form a right angle if they touched, but we didn't find a cache.

The guys looked all around with no luck.

Then we headed off to find the eternal flame.

They were not able to find a cache here either. It was too many thron bushes and really high grass.

We had a good day spending time with Jody.

Happy Father's day Jody! We appreciate you!

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Mama Teaching 2 said...

That first cache was one of the first ones we found. My dad was with it and he found it! LOVED it! We too cached with our daddy on daddies day.