Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why does it have to be this hard?

This is a prayer request and a long story to explain why this is a prayer request.

I feel like every month it is such a battle to get Elijah's formula. The DME company always says it is Medicaid and Medicaid will say it is the DME's fault. I really don't care who's fault it is, just send my child's formula BEFORE he runs out.

Back in April I was going through this battle and the DME company said they were waiting on the doctor's office. They said they faxed the papers to the doctor. Just so happen I was on my way to the doctor's office. Once I was at the doctor's office I asked about it and they said there was not a fax. The doctor got so mad, so we called the DME right there in the patient room on my cell phone.

They sent the fax to the office, but said it would be 6 weeks before approval and formula was sent. I went crazy on them and they finally agreed to send some formula.

Then at the end of May the DME company gave me the same run a round saying they haven't recieved approval. I called back and forth between Medicaid and the DME all day trying to figure out what was going on. Turns out the DME just sent in the paper work a few days before again saying it would be six weeks to get approval. I was fit to be tied! What had they done between April 9 and May 20?

I get so crazy mad at these people, this is my child's life they are playing with. I finally talked to someone at the DME and told them if formula wasn't delivered to my house the next day I was calling the newspaper and TV stations and see about getting a story on how they won't send a tube fed child's formula. Why do I have to say such crazy things like that to get action?
Formula did arrive the next day.

I waited a few days and called them back and asked if I should go a head and get start working on getting June's formula. They assured me it would come. Here we are, June 17 and no formula yet!

I called them today and left a message. Tomorrow I will be on the phone all day trying to get formula. Please pray this maddness stops soon. Elijah is tube fed, he needs to be fed every day, all month long and again the next month, so why doesn't his formula come at the same time every month?

Thank you for taking the time to pray.


amyt said...

I'm so sorry Kayla...........we will definitely be remembering you in prayer!


Sugga Mama said...

Thanks for the prayers. The DME company said all of Elijah's tube feeding supplies will be here by June 26.

itsavivasthing said...

Sorry, kayla. Praying for you.

Donna C in TX said...

Even if you get the formula on the 26th, I think it's time to get some media involved, Kayla. You're having to do this every stinking month and it's not right. I think July is a perfect month to start a campaign to get his supplies on time with NO hassle. (July = liberty & freedom...)

Mama Teaching 2 said...

HUGS to you all. Fighting for what your child needs medically is a nightmare. I am praying!