Thursday, June 18, 2009

CurrClick Live Classes

I love buying homeschool units from CurrClick. It's so easy and you instantly have your order sent right to your inbox, download it and your ready to go.
I find the units to be very reasonably priced. The best thing of all is no shipping fees or waiting for your order!

Click on this logo to check out everything CurrClick has to offer.

I noticed something new at CurrClick about live classes a few months back, but I didn't pay attention to what they were. Heather over at Blog She Wrote wrote a little review on these live classes that peaked my interest to find out more information. I found out some of the live classes are anytime classes, you don't have to be home at a certain time and day to do the classes. That's good because we like to do night school.

There are some good prices on many of the Live Classes being offered.

I signed Elijah up for a Space class this morning. It was only $3.99. This will be a nice addition to our astonomy unit we are doing.

This is an Anytime, Anywhere class! The materials/videos will be available each week starting June 29 - July 20! A 4 Week Jammed-Packed Class!

4 weeks of class for ONLY $3.99! AND it's a unit you didn't have to prepare, only get online and print off the worksheets and watch the videos. I'm excited about this and I know Elijah will love it!

This class needs 30 students by June 22 for the class to happen. If you have a young one interested in space go check out this class.

If you decide to join any of the live classes at CurrClick please let us know about your experience.

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A Higher Calling Christian Academy said...

Hannah did a class with Prof. H on the American Girl book, Happy Birthday Felicity. It, too, was jam packed, and she LOVED it! I loved how you could just download the material and do it on your own time. Very convenient!