Monday, March 9, 2009

What's in Tuesday's boxes?

I'm ditching some of the things we normally do for school because the sci/ss fair is Friday and we have to get Elijah's ss project finished tomorrow because we won't be home Wednesday and Thursday (co-op).

1. word search book
2. Egypt coloring pages for his ss board
3. make your own calendar project
4. read a book on Egypt mummies
5. mini book about mummies
6. CH worksheet from enchanted learning
7. read about the Nile River
8. Nile river coloring and folding project
9. math file folder game
10. skill workbook
11. Egypt copy work
12. As Elijah finishes coloring pages or mini books on Egypt I want him to put them in box 12 so when he get to this box he can glue pictures on ss board.

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