Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's in Saturday's boxes

I know it is hard for some to understand Saturday is a normal school day for us. Jody is sleeping because he works graveyard so we might as well do school. BUT if something cool comes up we will ditch school and go have fun!

I'm still loving the workbox system. Elijah has gotten more done because of the boxes. And not just more school work, but educational things that I think are important for him that I wasn't getting around to doing with him before the boxes.

Today's boxes. I only filled 10 boxes for today so Elijah can get outside and play today.

1. math book
2. sight word flash cards
3. Egypt book and a page for notebooking
4. two phonics worksheets
5. a magazine, scissors, glue sticks and paper (notebooking)
6. writing workbook
7. reading rods
8. book to read
9. skills workbook
10. days of the week to put in order in pocket chart

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