Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm not a schedule person....

Even though I'm not a schedule person I have to be able to keep up with activities or appointments for everyone.
I made this big poster several years ago, had it laminated and hung it in our kitchen.

Under each day of the week there is a column for each of the four of us. Each of our names are in a different color and I have a marker for each color. Usually when an activity/appointment comes up for someone I use their color marker to write in. If it is something that we will all go to I just grab a marker and write it big across the 4 squares.

I have a calendar with big squares at my desk and I fill that in as appointments are made then on Saturday I take my calendar to the kitchen and update our big board.

This helps me look at our week and see how I need to plan. It helps the kids see what we have going on and to be able to see they are busy and we can't double book. It also lets Jody see what his family is up to all week.

Here is a shot of the full board. Sorry about the glare.

Sunday and Monday

Sunday Jody will be sleeping. The kids and I will go to church then come home for some school.
Jody works nights so I need to be here and have him something to eat before he heads off to work.

Notice Monday is our only day to stay home, that is if something doesn't come up.
Like this Monday I'm going to call and see if I can get in to see the doctor sometime that day.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday Elijah has his Literacy class at the college and I'm going to Mom's Night Out at Olive Garden! Dakota thinks he has yearbook meeting on Tuesday but he hasn't emailed anyone to find out.

Wednesday we have co-op and at 8 pm we will all gather around the TV so we can become more confused while watching LOST.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thursday Jody works days. The kids and I have co-op, then both boys have choir, then Elijah has college. Jody will meet up with us when college is over and we are going to Family Fun Night with our homeschool group.

Friday Jody will work days. I didn't put bowling on the schedule because I know I will be wearing down by Friday and will be glad to have some time at home. The kids will need to do some school work anyway. Elijah has soccer practice that evening at 5.

Saturday Jody will sleep and head out to work in the late evening for graveyard shift. It's a normal school day for me and the kids. I usually do housework and wash clothes on Saturday.
Dakota's choir group will sing on TV at a telethon that night.

It is hard for us to do things on Saturday and Sundays. I need to get some housework done on those days and have Jody something to eat when he wakes up.

On the very end there is a space for notes. We jot phone numbers down in that area.
Now you know how I keep up with where everyone needs to be through the week.

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Dot said...

When I was working part time outside the home I needed a large schedule like that. Now I've condensed it down to a regular sized calendar, but some weeks (like this last one) I miss that big calendar!