Monday, March 16, 2009

Elijah working on workboxes.

We are loving the workbox system! You may be tired of reading about this system, but it is been such a blessing for us.

One day last week while Elijah was going through his boxes doing whatever was in the boxes I snapped some pictures.

This is Elijah working on his fun foam pyramid project for the SS fair.

Dakota is such a good big brother. He came and helped finish the project up using the hot glue gun. This is a real HOT glue gun that gets very HOT, so I didn't want Elijah using it. I know they make cool glue guns now, but I can't make myself buy a new one when my old one that I've had for about 18 years still works fine.

Elijah working in a skill workbook that was in a workbox.

Rocksolid sells something called Banana Grams that comes in a cloth banana bag, this is the same thing except it's called Apple Scrabble and come in a cloth apple bag. I had Elijah to make words with the tiles. Then he wrote this for me. He is so sweet!
Oh I bought the Scrabble Apple at Wal-Mart. It was hanging with the card games.

Elijah and I were playing catch with the subtraction cube. We throw it back and forth, when we catch it we have to say the math problem (and the answer) closest to our right thumb.

If it weren't for the workboxes Elijah still would not have this pig painted. I collect pigs so Elijah bought this wooden pig to paint for me. He kept wanting to paint it and I kept saying tomorrow.
Tomorrow finally came! I put everything he needed in a box the night before.
The pig turned out really cute and I put him in my kitchen.

The workboxes are really helping me do the little things with Elijah that I want to do but never get around to doing. Also each morning he can see what he has to do. It also motivates him when he sees something really fun in a box on the bottom shelf and he has to work through all the boxes to get to it.

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