Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visit to the art museum

The guys and I went to visit Masur Museum for some art inspiration.

We had a good visit and saw some neat art, but it was nothing to inspire us to come home and break out the paints.

There were a lot of abstract metal sculptures. We don't have any metal laying around the house to create with.

This was very neat, but we don't have any large blocks of wood and we don't even have a chainsaw. This picture was carved with a chainsaw.

These are very interesting.

These were simple. We didn't come home and try to recreate these because I don't like flowers and I'm tried of flower art.

I have some thoughts on this art that I'd rather not share. There was a whole room of huge pictures that I could not relate to.

I just read on the website that the museum has civil rights movement photography on display right now. I want to swing by this week and let the boys see that. Dakota loves photography and Elijah and I were just talking about black history in February.

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