Monday, March 16, 2009

Social Studies Fair

Friday was the Social Studies and Science Fair for our homeschool group. Elijah did his project on Ancient Egypt.
He had fun working on his project and learning about Egypt. I'll admit he only worked on his project for a couple of days. Next year I'll make sure he has a couple of weeks to work on it no matter how busy we are.

He was so nervous about telling about his project, but I'm sure he did great. The pyramid sitting on the table is made with fun foam. Elijah and Jody also made a mummy.
Yes, I do know that the Egypt flag, shown on his board, is of modern day and not ancient, but Elijah wanted it on his board. After all it was HIS project.

We were very pleased that Elijah got second place and we were thrilled for Colby who got first place. I know that Colby worked on his project for awhile and I could over hear him telling the judges about his project, he did a very good job talking.

Elijah has a style of his own. I don't guess many people have seen this kind of tie. I can't even remember what you call it. I googled and can't find it. It's a Tommy Hilfiger tie that ties with the skinny part in front of the wide part. The sales lady showed it to us and we liked it because it was different. If you know about this type of tie please let me know what it is called.
Elijah got his hat for Christmas and he wears it all the time. I want to take him and get some funky pictures made with his hat and tie.
On the morning of the SS fair I told Elijah he looked nice. He said "I look like someone whose mama dressed them!" LOL

It was a great day and I think it is so good for Elijah to do the Science and Social Studies Fair.
Dakota used to do it every year when he was little.

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