Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nature Walk

A few weeks ago the boys and I took a little nature walk down the road, just to get out of the house and to see what we might find.

We didn't find anything interesting, but we did enjoy walking and talking.

I really like this pictures of my boys.

Four cats and a dog had to walk along with us. They pretty much walked in a line like this all way. I thought it was interesting to see the animals walk in such a line. When we would stop they would stop.

Right down the road from us is a watering hole. We stopped there to throw rocks in the water.
One day my mom took a picture of an alligator in this watering hole! I keep my eyes open!

If you live in town, but want to get out for a nature walk, give us a call and come explore with us. We live inside the Ouachita Wildlife Refuge.


Dot said...

We're waiting for some good weather so that we can take some nature walks. I love that pic of your boys as well.

Sugga Mama said...

I want to get Elijah out in nature with his nature journal. I need to plan a day for that this week.

I hope you guys get some nice outside weather soon. Let us know if y'all find anything interesting on your nature walk.