Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's in Monday's workboxes?

Yes, I'm still talking about the workboxes!

Here is the website where you can read more about this system Sue Patrick .
I will warn you, her book is way too school at home. You all know I am not a school at home person, but this system can work for both, relaxed and school at home folks. This is just a system and you can tailor it to fit your needs.

Sue Patrick also suggest you put Velcro numbers on the boxes with numerals 1-12 placed on them so the child can remove the number when they are done with that box. That is just overkill to me. Okay if you have a child learning numbers 1-12 I can see doing that.
Elijah needs practice reading words so I wrote the number words out on rockets and taped them on with packaging tape. I have Elijah to put the items away when he finishes a box so he knows to move on to the next box with something in it. We do work from 1 to 12 in that order.
Sometimes I place something hands on in every other box.

1. math workbook
2. reading rods
3. writing workbook
4. landmark flashcards
5. pyramid library book and paper for notebook pages
6. word workbook

7. creative pattern game - logic
8. computer game
9. book to read
10. worksheet from enchantedlearning
11. make your own calendar project
12. Egypt scratch and sketch book
I think putting something fun in box 12 is very visual for Elijah.

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Dot said...

My friend will be homeschooling her daughter in the fall (Kindergarten), and she is planning to use the workboxes.