Friday, November 5, 2010

Terrific Tigers

Download N Go has a unit called Terrific Tigers that is just TERRIFIC! If you have been thinking about giving a Download N Go unit a try this would be a great unit to start with. You can purchase Terrific Tigers here.
Elijah had a great time learning about different tigers, where they live and interesting facts about them.
My favorite part about the unit and all of Download N Go units is the videos. These units are filled with tons of videos. Elijah LOVES watching all the videos and clicking on the links. He knows he can click and watch without having to call me in the room to ask is it safe for me to click on this. I have peace of mind that he is having fun, learning and NOT getting into yucky stuff.

When my oldest was little I put together all his unit studies and it was a lot of work, but yet nothing I ever put together was this detailed. I would need a month or so to put something like this together and then I still don’t think it would be as nice as what Download N Go has done. These units are full of videos, links, notebook pages, lapbook components. So much stuff Elijah ended up with a FULL lapbook.
Day 1: What Is a Tiger?
Day 2: Getting to Know Tigers
Day 3: Where Are the Tigers?
Day 4: The Science of Tigers
Day 5: Cool Things About Tigers
Now a trip to the zoo to see the tigers will never be the same. Elijah knows all kinds of facts about tigers to tell us as we stand there watching Timmy at our zoo. Here are some pictures Elijah took of Timmy at our zoo visit.
tiger Timmy was enjoying a nice swim while we watched and Elijah took pictures.
DSCF6594 It was so interesting how he would swim up to the wall and push himself off just like swimmers do in a pool. very cool to watch!
I hope your family enjoys Terrific Tigers as much as we did.

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