Monday, November 15, 2010

Dakota’s Art

Dakota has done some new 16 x 20 paintings in the last couple of weeks that he has up for sale on Etsy. The pictures do not do the paintings justice. The actual piece of art looks awesome.

This one is mine and I hung it up in our living room. I love it!
I love this Louisiana painting. It looks so awesome! DSCF6869
This wedding picture is amazing with silver, gold, black and white. I love how this turned out. DSCF6871
This black and red fleur de lis picture turned out nice too.
Here’s another Louisiana painting that also looks very cool.
This one looks so amazing in real life, the picture just doesn’t show how beautiful these colors are together.
DSCF6875       I like the mint green fleur de lis on gold with chocolate too.DSCF6877 I love the black, white, red, silver and gold together. It looks so freaking awesome!
This one is zebra print of off white and black and the pink fleur is much prettier and brighter than it looks here in this picture.
This crazy picture looks really cool. It’s purple, gold and green, our Mardi gras colors.
This turquoise on gold with chocolate looks amazing too.
I love all the paintings and can’t decide which is my favorite.

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