Monday, November 15, 2010

Ice Age

Hands of a Child (HOC) has a nice Ice Age lapbook. I had ordered it sometime ago, but just recently got around to doing the unit with Elijah.
We started the unit by reading this book that we have in our little library.
DSCF6866I printed off all the booklets and folds, cut them out and glued them in the lapbook folders.
This unit has a lot of booklets for a lapbook.
DSCF6861  This is two folders put together.DSCF6862 We talked about extinction theories and came up with some of our own. We learned about animals back in the ice age. And how people would have used those animals for food, clothing and to build shelter.
We also learned about tools, shelter and daily life for the people of the ice age time.
To finish up the Ice Age unit I dug out our National Geographic Ice Mummy kit. I covered the mummy with water and stuck him in the freezer overnight.
DSCF6814 Elijah enjoyed cutting and chiseling through the ice to find the skeleton of the ice mummy.DSCF6812 
Ice man free from the ice.
Ice Age was an interesting unit.

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