Monday, November 15, 2010

Recycled Art

Last month 4H had a recycled art contest.  Elijah collected some recyclables and thought about several ideas and finally came up with a tree idea.
Here is Cousin It painting the background on a ceiling tile. We do call him Cousin It when his hair is all in his face like that.
See that big bruise on his arm, it was healing at that point. The first night of gun club he came home with his arm and chest red and bloody. DSCF6786   Elijah painting packaging peanuts.
DSCF6779DSCF6780DSCF6787 The tree trunk was cut out from cardboard.DSCF6795
Here is Elijah gluing all the pieces together on his ceiling tile.DSCF6796
The finished recycled art picture. I thought it turned out really cute. He worked hard on his little project.
Elijah was very happy to get second place for his art picture. He did get a second place ribbon, but had already put that in his art book by the time I took a picture of the project.

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