Friday, October 22, 2010

Art Fair post # 4

I forgot to post Dakota's art work he entered in the fair. This was his last year to be able to enter any art in the fair because he started teaching art in October.

 Dakota painted this mask to wear to the Jr./ Sr. banquet this past school year.

 This painting is of buildings in our down town area. Dakota painted the house on top of the building pink because it used to be pink and that's the way everyone remembers it. The picture below is a picture he took of the buildings.


 This is an ink drawing Dakota did of downtown.

 The oil cat. Dakota's favorite medium is oil.

 Stained ceramic. The cup didn't even turn out the way Dakota had visioned, but it still won first place.

 This is a collection of Dakota's senior pictures.

Dakota was very pleased with his winnings.

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Linda said...

Great job Dakota!!! Love it!