Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mighty Hunter

Back in October when Elijah won all that money at the fair he bought himself a 20 gage shotgun. He is so proud of that gun!

Elijah says his gun is a little different in coloring.

He has had a 410 for a couple of years that he uses to go bird hunting, but once he got that 20 gage he was itching to go squirrel hunting.
I told him he really needed to wait until squirrel season opened before he shot a squirrel. See we follow some laws! HEHE
This past week Jody took some time off work to use up some vacation days before he looses them at the end of December. So he went out with Elijah a few mornings for squirrel hunting.
On day one Elijah killed his first squirrel.
1st squirrel 1
1st squirrel 2 
I haven’t looked but I’m told this squirrel is in a zip lock bag in our freezer with plans of getting it mounted.
The next morning Elijah got his second squirrel.
2nd squirrel 12nd squirrel 2
I think they actually skinned this one. I’ve seen the tail on Elijah’s desk at one point and then last night I saw it on his night stand.
Of course Elijah can’t eat squirrel, but Jody will make a gumbo or something and take it to work because I don’t eat squirrel.
That same afternoon Elijah got squirrel #3!
3rd squirrel 13rd squirrel 2 This was a black squirrel and I’m told this one is in the freezer also waiting to be mounted.
Elijah had fun squirrel hunting and can’t wait until Tuesday when Dad is off and can go out with him again.
I’m so glad Jody thought to snap a few pictures because I was sleeping.

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