Friday, July 4, 2008

Basketball for Elijah

We have a great homeschool group with a cool basketball team. Last week our girl's basketball coach, Mrs. Kim, and the highschool bball players put on a basketball camp for grades 1st - 6th.

Elijah loved it! Everyday he kept his basketball in his hands all day long. I heard dribble dribble dribble over and over. I had to have him put the ball down to take a bath and to leave it by the front door so he could go to bed.

We had to go buy a new rim and backboard for our pole. That has kept Elijah busy every evening. He has improved a lot just by practicing everyday.

We also had to go buy basketball shoes and shorts by the end of the week. Gotta look cool to play bball!

This next school year he wants to play Upward Basketball. It's a Christian ministry sponsored by a local church. They pair kids up by abilities and really teach them to play basketball. He is looking forward to this starting, but I don't think it starts until about November. Until then he will be hanging out at the rec with some CHA basketball players.

Here are some pictures of Elijah during bball camp. He has so much fun, he hated for the last day to come.

**More basketball news from the Miller family coming soon! This will be a shocker!!**

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