Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our new carousel at the mall.

Over the past few months our mall food court has been getting a face lift. They completed the work this month and had a grand opening and now our food court has a carousel.

We had a carousel at the mall 19 - 20 years ago, back when Jody and I were dating and yes we rode it... a lot! Actually Jody's brother worked at the fun center where the carousel was so we really did ride a lot. We also took my little brother to ride it when he was 4. Jody and I kept Cody Joe a lot and sometimes Jody kept him if mom and I were both working so he would take Cody to ride the carousel. That carousel wasn't a double decker though.

Anyway, so we heard our mall was opening the carousel earlier this month so we headed to the mall to see it on opening day. Elijah announced over and over that he was not going to ride it. That's just to silly for him. He thinks he is too old to do anything that is fun!

We got tokens for Dakota, Jessica and Jennifer (my nieces - their grown), and Hannah (my great niece - Jennifer's baby) and of course we got a token for Elijah. They had to make him ride.
After the first ride Jessica made Elijah ride again with her and Hannah. He was not happy about having to ride it again.

As they were getting on the carousel some of our homeschool friends came up to say HI. Elijah was so embarrassed that his friends saw him on that thing. It was funny to me, but Elijah was mortified the rest of the day.

Elijah has decided he does like to ride it because we have went back and rode it again.
I haven't rode it yet because I want to ride on top and there is no way Elijah is going up those stairs.

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