Monday, July 28, 2008

Elijah at ULM

I have mentioned Elijah and his class at the college many times and several have asked me what is he doing at college.

Graduate students at the college need children to work with. They are required to get so many clinical hours. In August of 2006, I inquired about the speech and hearing clinic. Elijah had a couple of words he pronounced odd and he was having trouble hearing rhyming words.

Elijah loved going to college! He spent 2 semesters in the speech clinic then he moved to the literacy clinic and he has completed two semesters there. Clinic is held twice a week.

In the literacy clinic they work on reading and writing. I count it as part of our schooling.

This summer Elijah has been attending the summer session 4 days a week. August 29 is the last day.

Elijah loves to tell his friends he goes to college!

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