Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Elijah wrote a frog story.

Dakota said "Elijah is demonic", after reading this story. I laughed so hard after reading this, you never know what Elijah is going to come up with.

Elijah wrote this story in Literacy Clinic at ULM.

Poor Frogs!
By Elijah Miller
Every frog in my backyard should be very careful around my pet turtles. Any time a frog does hop by my turtles, the turtles think, "if only I could move faster... I would catch those frogs again!"

I think that these turtles are always waiting for the frogs to fall asleep because they have bitten off their little green legs before! The turtles say, "frog legs are the best!"

I thought about giving my pet turtles more food to eat, but don't you think it is fun to wait and see which frog has been chewed on?

Ask my brother, he will tell you that we both like to check out which frogs have been snacked on every day after we get up.

If only frogs could fly! I should buy them a toy airplane to escape in. Those mean turtles should give the poor frogs a break!
The End
Is that a hoot or what!

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Alana - The Mommy said...


So, you wonder, does he really feel sorry for those frogs? I think no.