Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Zoo

It is too hot to be going to the zoo! I do not plan to return to the zoo until winter.
Me, Dakota, Elijah, my niece Jennifer, and great niece Hannah took a little trip to our zoo.
It was really too hot to even enjoy the zoo. I'll share a few pictures of the kids.

I like how this picture turned out with the reflection in the water.

Elijah, Hannah and Dakota. You pretty much have to hold Hannah anywhere you want her to stand or she will take off. She's not much for standing still for pictures.

Elijah with his new haircut. Don't you know that has to be cooler for him.

Elijah and Hannah on the bear.


Tara Foster said...

Oh my goodness!! I love Elijah's hair! But what about you, Mama? I know you loved the curls! :)

Sugga Mama said...

Hey Tara, I tried to call you a couple of weeks ago.
It was hard for me to cut Elijah's hair, but he asked me to cut it so I did.
Call me when you can. Elijah would love to play with Drake. Are you still cooking?
We'll be going to ULM the month of July.
I gave a new lady your email, she uses TOG.