Friday, July 4, 2008

11th Grade!

My other baby, Dakota, is going into the 11th grade.
It tears me up to think about only having Dakota at home schooling with us for 2 more years.
Where has the time gone?

Dakota has had a very relaxed schooling experience with lapbooking, notebooking and lots of projects. This past year in co-op was Dakota's first year to have a text book and it happened to be Apologia Biology. The co-op biology teacher gave a lot of homework and a test on each module. Dakota did very well, he didn't seem to have any problems with having a text book for the first time. The first semester he made a 93 A and the second semester he made a 91 A and that was without turning in all his homework the second semester. He missed a few times because of sickness with him, Elijah or both and skipped a few homework assignments.

This next year at the West Monroe co-op Dakota plans to take:
Jensen's Format Writing
World History

At the Monroe co-op he plans to take:
American Lit.
He will teach Computer Lit.

At home Dakota will have Math U See geometry and co-op homework.

Dakota will also be in our homeschool choir. Here is the BIG SHOCKER NEWS - Dakota is going to play basketball this year with our homeschool team! Did anyone fall over when they read that? It is so out of the norm for Dakota. Watch out Flames!

Dakota will be quite busy. He will also have all the Jr. and Sr. activities our homeschool group has.

I think this will leave Dakota only needing English IV and Trigonometry or Calculus for his senior year.

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