Friday, July 4, 2008

3rd Grade!

My baby is starting 3rd grade, how did this happen?

Elijah and I are loving notebooking! I knew he would enjoy this type of learning. We haven't done a whole lot, just kind of getting started, seems we are always so busy and not home. The key to homeschooling is being at home, but I want my kids to be well rounded and involved in things, so that is why we do a lot of Saturday and Sunday schooling and also night schooling. Jody works weekends so that fits our family. Also we are all night owls so that seems to be when we are at our best.

Since we homeschool pretty much year round and I'm NOT trying to cram information into Elijah, but rather help him develop a love for learning, our hit and miss days works for us.

So we started this notebooking adventure and I had said we would start 4 notebooks, but Elijah had a better idea. We have made a ton of notebooks. He wanted a notebook for everything he could think of. He had fun picking out all the different colored 3 ring binders. I'd love to show you a picture of each binder and the covers we made for them, but uploading pictures on dial up is a pain.

This is going to sound like a lot, but remember we don't plan to work in each one everyday and we will not be trying to complete any of them in a years time. I suspect we will work in about 2 a day and I plan for him to work in these notebooks 2 - 3 years. He's a new 3rd grader so I want him to work in these notebooks through 5th grade then start new notebooks for middle school.

Here's a list of Elijah's notebooks:
Earth and Space
World History
Nature Journal
Language Arts
American History
50 States

He also has a creative writing speckle book and I want him to start a journal soon. We also use Math U See as our math program.

In co-op Elijah will get a lot of enrichment classes between the two co-ops we are in.
At the West Monroe Co-op I plan for Elijah to take:

At the Monroe Co-op I plan for him to take:
Math Club
Nature Journals
Science Experiments

Elijah will also be in our homeschool choir and I'm sure he will continue with the Literacy Clinic at ULM. All that and he wants to play Upward Basketball!
Busy year! That's not even mentioning big brother's activities.

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