Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Elijah’s Formula

The new formula came today. I’m so happy it came, but I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about giving it to him. He has been on Neocate One + (plus) for 11 years. I pray he can tolerate this formula well.
The new formula is EleCare.
cans-of-vanilla-and-unflavored-elecareI don’t like that this formula has to be measured.
The Neocate came in packs like this and all I had to do was open and pour it in a container of 6.5 ounces of water.
Just as Neocate was, the EleCare formula is very expensive. 6 cans is $204.00 I’m not sure at this moment how long 6 cans will last. When Elijah was a baby his formula was $40 a can and he used a can a day.

Just to explain how Elijah gets his formula…
After the formula is mixed up, it is poured into a feeding bag like this.
At the end of the tube I add an extension tube like this.
That tube fits into a plug on Elijah’s stomach next to his belly button like this. The balloon part is inside his stomach. I have to change his button if the balloon burst or if the button gets dirty and also when he outgrows the button size.
Then the tubes are ran though this pump.
If we are going out we put the feeding bag and pump into a backpack like this. Elijah doesn’t like wearing his backpack. It’s heavy and hot on his back.
back pack_front
If we are staying home then the feeding pump stays on the IV pole and the feeding bag is hung from the top. Elijah pushes the pole around the house with him.

Just a little info on how tube feeding works. Elijah has been tube fed for 9 years, before that he drank his formula from a bottle.

I’ll update on how the new formula is going after he has been on it a while.

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Mama Teaching 3 said...

Praying this new formual gives my family no hassles...cause we all know you need none of that!