Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Taco

We added a new baby to our house this week. His name is Taco and he is a chiweenie. He has the body and nose of a weenie, the legs and head of a Chihuahua and ears of Dumbo. Isn’t he so cute!



Pedro has surprisingly done well with Taco. He has growled a couple of time, but when I’ve said hush he has. They haven’t fought, but I don’t think Pedro loves him.

DSCF7249 Taco and Pedro.

DSCF7250  A few minutes later Pedro and Taco.


Taco has taken a liking to Dakota over the rest of us. He follows Dakota all over the house.


Taco reminds me a lot of Jose who passed away this past year with kidney problems. They have almost the same markings, but Jose has tan where Taco has a darker brown.



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Mama Teaching 3 said...

OH MY! Can I come and love on hims this week, please! Seriously!