Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Science Fair 2011

Our homeschool group had our science and social studies fair this past week. Elijah entered a science project, How are Rocks Made?   DSC00128 Elijah made his project into a little learning center.

DSC00130 The board was interactive, the cards in the pockets can be taken out and moved around.DSC00132The big white flap opens up and had matchbooks on the inside. At the top it says Can you name these rocks and minerals? Each little flap opens and has the name written in the matchbook.DSC00134 

Elijah’s board had a lot of information and little booklets about rocks. Even a magnifying glass to use to take a closer look at the rocks.


We only took a few rocks to the fair. We have a ton of rocks, but the load would have been so heavy to try to take them all so I told Elijah to just pick a few of his favorites.


Elijah won 2nd place with his project. He was very pleased and of course I reminded him that I would have still been proud of him even if he didn’t place. The great thing about our fair is that everyone gets something so even if a project didn’t place 1st, 2nd or 3rd that person still got a medal.

DSC00151 Here is Elijah with his project and his trophy.DSC00160


Miller Mom of 3 said...

I was so so so proud of all our CHA kids. The projects this year blew me away!

Mama Teaching 3 said...

This was one of my TOP favs, Elijah! I loved it! I could tell you had done a board before. It blew my mind. :)